Road Noise - Life one mile at a time with business owner, author, and professional artist, Michael Blackston

A life journal podcast from the viewpoint of a Christian husband, father, author, professional artist, and business owner. Topics range from opinions about every day family value issues and spirituality to helpful tactics that help make life easier and beyond. Michael is a southern story teller and cherishes the opportunity to help others through their struggles by sharing his own experiences. You're invited to come on along and join him in learning to live life one mile at a time.
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Dec 30, 2016

Not an episode, but just a quick word to let you know that episode 64 will be coming shortly after Jan. 1.

Dec 23, 2016
It's All About Jesus - RN 063

It’s my favorite time of the year – Christmas! I believe in the Christ child and what His birth meant for our world, so I wanted to give Him the credit he deserves and hopefully deliver a topic that’s fit for a King.

In my home growing up, it was a tradition to read Luke 2:1-14 aloud on Christmas Eve and I’ve continued that in my own household. It’s always been one of my very favorite passages from the bible.

The bible contains several prophecies concerning the birth of the Messiah that Jesus fulfilled at His birth:

Promised through the seed of Abraham

Promised through Isaac

He would come from the tribe of Judah

Born in the family of Jesse

Born from the house of King David

Born in Bethlehem

Born of a virgin

Worshipped and presented gifts by kings

Worshipped by shepherds

His birth would cause weeping (Herod called for the killing of boys 2 and under)

He would have to flee to Egypt for a time

He would be called Lord

Here are some of my favorite things about Christmas:

The beautiful lights

Egg nog

Red and green peanut M&Ms

Christmas music

Family gatherings

Giving gifts to others

In this season of love, let’s not forget that there are so many who aren’t as fortunate as others and may need that extra care and support to make it through. That may come in the form of financial help, food, warmth, or even just your company. The overall message of the season is LOVE. So let’s spread it all around.

Merry Christmas!

Dec 16, 2016
My Christmas Wish List - RN 062

With Christmas almost here, I thought I’d think about the things that I might ask Santa for that pertain to the Road Noise Podcast. So I imagined what I would say if I were sitting on his lap feeding him a list of demands.

            “Santa, I know this is awkward having a man in his forties sitting on your lap, but bear with me, if you will, and ignore the screaming children waiting in line. Here are the things I’d like you to bring for the podcast this Christmas:”

To find a way to continue the show without killing the small budget I have for podcasting. I have the Everything Arts podcast on the way, and since that one will be part of my business, I need to put budgetary monies in that arena.

To know that this content is valuable to my listeners. That, Santa, would probably best come in the form of more feedback and communication in the new year.

To get to know my listeners. I want to have relationships that are meaningful as we learn to live life one mile at a time.

To hear their voices. Hopefully, they would consider calling the hotline at 706-408-7456.

To hear and share their stories. I think you would agree, Santa baby, that everyone has a story to tell and I believe sharing those on the podcast would add great value to the show.

To find out what my listeners want to hear from me. It’s not easy coming up with new topics and knowing what they’d actually enjoy hearing would be so helpful.

To make a difference in the lives of my listeners. I want the content of this podcast to continue making its mark in their everyday lives in a positive way.

That’s not too much to ask a giant elf like you, is it Santa?

This week’s Positive Review: The Oreo cookie

Dec 9, 2016
Can You Hear God When He Speaks? - RN 061

In previous episodes, I have used the word DICHOTOMY completely wrong. I was thinking it meant the essence of a situation. The real definition is something like:

DICHOTOMY: A contrast between two things that are opposed or entirely different.

I like to own my mistakes, so consider that one owned.

Can we actually hear God when He speaks to us? I think so, just maybe not as audibly as they could hear Him back in bible times. Adam and Eve physically walked with God in the Garden of Eden before the fall of man. Noah was told to build a really big boat for a forthcoming really big flood. Moses audibly spoke with God many times, including once in the form of the burning bush. But Christianity teaches that Christ changed all that when he became the intercessor between us and God.

That doesn’t mean God never speaks to us, though. There are many stories of miraculous meetups with God, including recent reports from the Muslim community of visions and dreams of the Christ (Jesus) bearing witness to them that He is the Son of God.

I even have my own testimony. There have been several times when I heard God “in my head” and thought I was just hearing my own thoughts. (The full testimonies are in the audio version of this episode). Once I realized it was God talking to me, it changed my life.

So what do you do if you are convinced God is actually trying to get a message across? Three things:

  • 1 Pray for assurance that what you’re being told is divine and of God
  • 2 Don’t ignore Him
  • 3 Act on His guiding

If you have something to add to the conversation of this episode, please get in touch:

706-408-7456 or email me:

This week’s Positive Review: The FILMIC PRO app for mobile devices

Dec 3, 2016

Now that the 2016 elections are over, we have a new leader for the next four years. Whether you like the outcome or not, it is what it is and we, as Americans, are faced with a choice. We can work FOR a unified nation, or AGAINST it. So now comes the question of how we move forward because no matter how we choose to respond, we will always be bmoving forward. Here are seven (7) points I think we need to consider.

  1. Get informed before you state something as fact. Do your research before you make yourself sound ignorant.
  2. IGNORE THE MEDIA! As a former member of the media, I know from experience that the main goal is to sensationalize the news to get better ratings.
  3. Discuss; Don’t argue. Decent and calm conversation about the issues will go farther than arguing like children.
  4. Be kind to each other and peacefully make your voice heard. Protests are a right, but when they get destructive, it helps no one.
  5. Unify. If we are divided, we are weak.
  6. Be proud to be an American. If you are a citizen of the United States, you are blessed. Act like it.
  7. Be the change you want to see. Instead of being a loud mouth, put your money where your mouth is and do something positive about it if you’re not happy with the state of things.