Road Noise - Life one mile at a time with business owner, author, and professional artist, Michael Blackston

A life journal podcast from the viewpoint of a Christian husband, father, author, professional artist, and business owner. Topics range from opinions about every day family value issues and spirituality to helpful tactics that help make life easier and beyond. Michael is a southern story teller and cherishes the opportunity to help others through their struggles by sharing his own experiences. You're invited to come on along and join him in learning to live life one mile at a time.
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Nov 18, 2016
Be The Woman - RN 058

"The true worth of a race must be judged by the character of its womanhood." - Mary McLeod Bethune

What does it mean to be a good woman?

I am a man attempting to put into words what a good woman looks like. For this reason, I must tread oh so carefully. I was raised, primarily, by my mother. My sister was there too, and so I got to watch first hand as a young single mother modeled for me what a true, good, strong, and Godly woman looks like. She still does that to this day. So it is with that experience that I bring to you my idea of a good woman and the importance for the futures of our daughters and sons that these concepts carry.

With the society we live in, there is a wide spectrum of beliefs that make up what an individual conceives as ideals of a good woman. Mine will come from a Christian point of view.

For these seven ideals of womanhood, please have a listen to the episode.

Nov 11, 2016
Be The Man - RN 057

"Real men don't love the most beautiful girl in the world, they love the girl who will make their world the most beautiful." - Unknown

How important is it to be a good man?

Modeling the ideal man you'd like your son to grow up to be and the type of man you'd like your daughter to marry is a daunting task. It takes thought and tenacity, but it can be done.

It's about setting a positive example.

Children frequently connect with those that exhibit behavior they're familiar with. They also tend to mimic the examples they've been shown. That's why abusive people often learned it from abusive parents.

Model these things and you've got a great start:

1. Responsibility

2. Good language and an easy temper

3. Quality time

4. Affection and appropriate physical touch

5. Words of affirmation

6. Service to others

7. Firm spiritual foundation

This week's Positive Review: The works of Nicholas Sparks


Aug 5, 2016
Dealing With Divorce - RN 043

There's nothing easy about divorce. I should know - I was a child of divorce. And even though my parents treated me and my sister right and saw to it that the process did as little damage as possible, there are still scars.

Here I will tell you my story as I remember it and I'll give you some do's and don'ts in case divorce is unavoidable. And I'll do it from the perspective of a child.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts:


See if there is a way to fix whatever went wrong in your marriage. Don’t just give up.

            Seek the love that got you to the altar

            Get counseling

            Communicate honestly and without arguing or being defensive

Consider those around you who WILL be affected




Make it amiable

Take the High Road

Be Fair

Be positive about the other parent in front of children

Give attention to children during this very difficult time



Don’t “Poor mouth” the other parent in front of children

Don’t take the Low Road

Don’t let children think they are responsible (a common issue of divorce)

Don’t deny access to the children from the other parent (unless it is for their safety)

Don’t argue in front of children

Don’t refuse to provide child support

Don’t divorce the kids just because you’re divorcing the other parent


Keep these things in mind when children are involved.

            Children need the following:



            TO FEEL SAFE



            A STABLE HOME

This week's positive review: Chip Ingram's ministry, Living On the Edge at

Jun 3, 2016
A Conversation With My Son - RN 034

There was no traveling for work this week, so my son and I jumped into the car and headed to Anderson, SC for a little thrift store treasure hunting. On the way, we decided to recorin d our conversation talking about our plans for the summer.

One of the activities we mention is GEOCACHING. Geocaching is a family friendly treasure hunt using GPS technology and can be done around most towns or in rugged terrain. To find out all about this fantastic hobby, visit the official website at:


Oct 30, 2015

"If you work really hard and you're nice, amazing things will happen." - Conan O'Brien

How can you be a better person?

This one was recorded in July of 2015 after I had just learned a couple of valuable life lessons. Also, on the day of the recording, I learned something about the condition of our society that gets under my skin. In a nutshell, I believe we should think before we act, think before we see, and think before we speak. Want more detail? Have a listen.