Road Noise - Life one mile at a time with business owner, author, and professional artist, Michael Blackston

A life journal podcast from the viewpoint of a Christian husband, father, author, professional artist, and business owner. Topics range from opinions about every day family value issues and spirituality to helpful tactics that help make life easier and beyond. Michael is a southern story teller and cherishes the opportunity to help others through their struggles by sharing his own experiences. You're invited to come on along and join him in learning to live life one mile at a time.
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May 6, 2016
Defragging Your Friends - RN 030

There's nothing wrong with having a lot of friends. But today, there are way more opportunities to connect with people than there ever were before and because of that, life can get messy and confusing. One way to simplify things is to do a little "defragging". The idea comes from the old computer process that takes chopped up and fragmented systems and repairs them by placing things in their proper order and getting rid of unnecessary things that slowed the computer down.

Defragging your friends may be a good idea for you to simplify your life and makes it less of a whirl wind.

It has been said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Three ways to defrag your friends:

1. Thin out your social media "friends" to those who are true friends. Some "acquaintances" in your FB friends list and the like may be unneeded and only there as a number. Keep your social media connections manageable and real.

2. Keep work relationships in their proper priority. It's great, even healthy, to have friends at work and to get along with your co-workers. But make sure your work relationships prioritize work over play. If you're not careful, friendships without a focus on priority can affect your job performance and have an impact on your life.

3. Keep your closest and truest friends at the top of your attention and thin the herd around you. Again, it's great to have friends. And I encourage you to be a great friend to everyone you come into contact with. But if you want to have truly blessed relationships, surrounding yourself with those you call real friends is a great start.

My week included going to see my son's final 6th grade chorus concert and dealing with a hotel stay alongside three busloads of drunk college kids on spring break.

This week's Positive Review: Disney's live action treatment of The Jungle Book.

Apr 28, 2016
How Mr. Long Found His Voice - RN 029

Once upon a time, I was the kind of artist with a million projects going on at one time, but never finishing any of them. After an eye opening text messaging session with a dear friend, that all changed and I resolved to finish my very first play, Mr. Long Said Nothing. It eventually saw the stage in the summer of 2013.

Last week, I received word that my second play, Friends Like you, was approved for a six show run at my local theatre in the summer of 2017.

Mr. Long's story began before I even knew my wife, but it was a game she played with her father that sparked the idea for a story. Here's how it all came about.

This week's Positive Review: Mt. Dew Kickstart

Apr 22, 2016
How I Met My Wife - RN 028

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet your favorite radio host? Did you ever wonder if it could go further than that? That's what happened when I met my wife. Listen to hear the story.

This week's Positive Review: FACEBOOK GROUPS

Apr 15, 2016
Leaving Your Legacy - RN 027

Your don't have to be a celebrity or a war hero to leave a legacy. The popularity of ancestry websites are proof that future generations are hungry for the history and legacies left by their ancestors. So what method will you use to ensure your story is told on down the line? Three easy and effective ways:

The written word, audio, and video. It doesn't have to be a professional production or a novel. It's an easy and inexpensive way to give a priceless gift for those who come after you.

This week's Positive Review: The Audacity To Podcast with Daniel J. Lewis.

The Audacity To Podcast is a show that helps you learn and grow as a podcaster. If you've ever thought you'd like to have a podcast of your own and would like help getting started, this is what you want to listen to.

Apr 8, 2016
Porn Addiction - How I Battle It And You Can Too - RN 026

Don't let the noise of the road under my voice keep you from listening to this episode from start to finish. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to pornography and want to win the battles, you need to listen to my story and my strategy. Porn addiction is a war that will be won a single battle at a time and although you may feel powerless against the temptations that come at you from everywhere, there is hope and you can win.

This episode is a tender subject for me as I battle temptation on a daily basis and I will lay it on the line in order to help even one person who might be seeking victory. It won't be easy and the arrows will always fly at you, but you have the power to turn things around and start fresh.

If you find this episode helpful, please share it. We're in this together and we're on a mission.

This week's Positive Review: The Age Of Adeline starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford.

Apr 1, 2016
Permission To Change Your Mind - RN 025

Four stories of personal decisions that took my plans and turned them on their heels and why I'm okay with it:

* A new host for the Road Noise website

* Backing off my daily word count for the novel I'm writing

* My decision to resurrect The Everything Arts podcast INSTEAD OF creating The Artist Brainstorm podcast

* I changed my mind on the very topic of this episode at the last minute

For you, the decision may be more or less important than these, but sometimes we have difficulty allowing ourselves the flexibility of changing our minds once a plan has been made. So, I am giving you the permission to change your mind.

This week's Positive Review: Stephen King's book, ON WRITING.

It contains the backstory from his childhood that explains how he became the person and writer he is today and an in depth account of his philosophy and how-to for writers. IT'S A WRITING CLASS BY STEPHEN KING!

Mar 25, 2016
A Simple Way To Save Money - RN 024

"Too many people spend money they buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like." –Will Rogers

How can I save money?

I've never been the type who could say they have "extra" money lying around. To be honest, until recently, I lived paycheck to paycheck like most people. I had to devise a way that worked for me to help save money and taking advice from others, found a great way to have a little extra lying around. What's the secret? I don't spend one dollar bills and loose change. When I pay with cash, I use nothing smaller than a five spot and I've found that by putting away the change I can save money I didn't realize I was foolishly spending. These are just some of the things that this technique is beneficial for:

It helps you save for a rainy day or a purchase you've been planning.

It keeps you from "nickel and diming" yourself. Small change in your pocket is easier to spend on things you don't need like colas and snacks. It adds up quick and before you know it, you've spent way more than you thought. Larger bills tend to be held on to for larger, more important purchases.

It helps keep you from snacking. As stated above, with small change it's easier to find a reason to purchase impulse items, especially snack foods, that are bad for you. This can benefit your health in the long run.

It can build good savings habits for the future once you realize how much better you feel when there's more left over at the end of the month than there used to be.

Positive Review: The Write Now Podcast with Sarah Werner is a fantastic podcast seeking to help inspire writers to write every day.

Mar 18, 2016
A Return To Focus - RN 023

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The susn's rays do not burn until brought into a focus." - Alexander Graham Bell

How do you learn to focus?

I champion the cause of focus as often as I can, but I, like most people, can get sidetracked. I lose focus. I've learned it's essential to stay on task.

I also have a review for a great podcast for people who want to learn how to market their products or services.

Mar 10, 2016
Still Here & The Benefits of Theatre - RN 022

"Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to." - Willem Defoe

What's so great about live theatre?

After sleeping on it and a little feedback, I realize that I maybe jumped the gun and I love this podcast too much to throw it away like a used sandwich wrapper. Every single listener is dear to me and I appreciate you.

Also ...

Theatre is a wonderful activity that builds character, relationships, community, and a work ethic. I'm gonna make the case for why you ought to consider being a part of your local theatre.

Part Three:

One of my new favorite blogs is the Mama Tries Blog at This is a well written blog that will keep you laughing and let you in on what it is to be a mama in the world around us.

Mar 1, 2016
Let's Be Frank - RN 021

"It is not stress that kills us. It is our reaction to it." - Hans Selye

I had hoped to never have to set an ultimatum for the listeners of this podcast, especially so soon after its inception. But I have felt the need to do just that. I have since regretted taking that action and the podcast lives on.

Feb 12, 2016
Who Knew I Could Dance? & What Do I Do When I Feel Like Giving Up? - RN 020

"What winning is to me is not giving up. No matter what's thrown at me, I can take it. And I can keep going." - Patrick Swayze

Do you ever just feel like giving up?

Part 1: For the longest time I thought I couldn't dance. I warned everyone that they didn't want to see me try it. But my recent involvement in The Addams Family - The Musical has shown me that when i put my mind to it, I can do it.

Part 2: When we create something that needs an audience, we tend to overestimate how fast it will grow. Many times, this can lead to insecurity and a desire to just give up. Before you throw in the towel, do these three things to make sure you're not quitting your project before it's seen the top of its potential:

1. Pray / Meditate on it. Ask for guidance or seek introspect to figure out what it is that's making you feel this way. Many times it's simply a temporary emotional toll life has taken on you.

2. Remind yourself why you began your project in the first place. Was it to make money? Were you seeking popularity or fame? Or was the root of your engagement a love for whatever it is you are considering throwing to the curb?

3. Sleep on it. A good night's sleep (or several) can be a great refresher.

Wanna talk about it? Contact me:

706-389-0401 (My voicemail hotline)


Feb 5, 2016
Going Gomez & My Son Has ADHD - RN 019

"I didn't outgrow ADHD. Did you?" - Adam Levine

Is ADHD a real thing?

My wife and I are involved in The Addams Family - The Musical at our local theatre. I talk about my transformation into the role of Gomez Addams.

My son has been professionally diagnosed as having a mild to moderate case of ADHD. We're not medicating, so helping him to learn to cope is a challenge, but one we feel will be good for him.

Jan 29, 2016
How Do I Live With Someone Who Suffers From Anxiety Disorder And Clinical Depression? - RN 018

"My own life was filled with so much love and joy that when depression struck, it was like a prison door slamming shut and I was being placed in an isolation cell. No one else could possibly feeling what I was. I hated my depression and all of its symptoms." - Susan Polis Schutz

How do I deal with someone who has depression?

People who battle Anxiety Disorder and Clinical Depression often feel alone, misunderstood, and unable to cope. There is hope and help. But those of us who live alongside sufferers of CD need to understand that there are good ways and bad ways to relate to them.

 Signs to lookout for if you think you or someone you love may be battling Clinical Depression:

  • Wants to stay in bed for long periods of time
  • Has frequent and extreme mood swings
  • Is exceptionally impatient
  • Periods of sadness without knowing why
  • Has suicidal thoughts
  • Often feels worthless
  • Engages in emotional eating
  • Engages in self-harm (Cutting, etc.)

 If you think you or your loved one may qualify as having Clinical Depression:

  • Seek professional aid
  • Avoid self-medicating

 If you have a relationship with someone who battles Clinical Depression, keep the following things in mind:

  • Do not react negatively, if possible
  • Avoid accusatory or hurtful remarks (“Did you take your pill today?”)
  • Offer physical contact if it helps them (hugs, kisses, holding their hand)
  • Don’t try to fix their problems; instead, just be there for them
  • Understand where any negative attitudes are really coming from
  • Be patient and allow them to work through their symptoms their way
  • Be their strength and support when they feel helpless

 Here are some resources for important information on depression:


Jan 22, 2016
How To Finish What You've Started - RN 017

"Why do I talk about the benefits of failure? Simply because failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me." - J.K. Rowling

How do you finish what you start?

You'll find a change of pace from the normal format as I attempt to mold the podcast into something that is authentic and personal, but also useful for you in your own "one mile at a time" journey. As an artist, I spent years struggling to maintain focus so that my projects might be completed. And for the longest time, they never were. Not, that is, until one night when my boasting about a play I was writing backfired on me and I was forced to admit to a friend and myself, that all I had was an idea. From that night on, a dedication to focus has changed my life and projects are being completed. Here's the story of that night and the mental devices I've developed to keep me moving forward.

Jan 15, 2016
Goodbye C1G, Maybe I'll Do A VLOG, & Dutchy - RN 016

"It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure." - Ernie Harwell

How do you say goodbye?

After a year, a podcast I host with Toni King, CUE ONE GO - The Theatre Show, has come to an end. It's bitter-sweet, but there are good things over the horizon. I have decided to get into the VLOG game as I give my twice weekly blog all around availability through the written word, audio, and now video. And "Dutchy" is not just the name our local theatre has given an awards ceremony. There is an interesting historical aspect to Dutchy; just who he is and why he was resurrected a century after his demise.

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